Website Development Dictionary of Terms

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Web Development Dictionary

Web Development Dictionary

Clear Browsing History and Cache: Sometimes you will not want Website info filled in automatically as it will be if it is saved or “cached”.  The method you use will differ within each browser.  You can find current and helpful information by visiting the following link at Choose your Browser, and follow directions.

Use this Link to Clear Browser Cache & Data

Deep Linking:  A Deep Link is a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) , that links to a definite, mostly searchable, or perhaps indexed, glob of web content on a particular website. For example: Thus deep linking can direct a Website visitor, directly to specific information on a page, without having him go to the overall site,i.e., Use of a Deep Link can benefit advertisers, since a specific item can referred to  on another website page, and when clicked, the user can be sent directly to this item on another website.

Uniform Resource Locator (URL): Once known as a Universal Resource Locator; today, it is known as a Uniform Resource Locator.  It serves as a way to identify the specific location on the website of particular file .  URL’s  can open websites, such as and may also be used to download resources such as images, other software programs, videos and many other types of files typically hosted on a server. URL’s are case sensitive,i.e. is NOT the same as In addition, URL’s allow only certain characters to be used in them; they are Alpha ( a-z), Numeric ( 0-9),  along with characters: ()!$-‘_*+.  If you use other characters, they must be encoded (translated) into another sequences.

HTTPS: This stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is the more secure version of HTTP. It is the protocol that protects the data you send to and from your web browser. This is accomplished by means of encrypting data during transmission.

ICANN:  The “Internet Corp. for Assigned Names & Numbers”. ICANN provides a technical process which can determine whether or not the web address you want is available, and what its numerical (IP) internet address will be. They supervise the DNS system which implements a protocol process and structure which converts IP names such as “DeliciousWebStudio” into IP numbers. IP numbers are like a street addresses, assigned to the “Jones Family” which is analogous to the Website name. The “book keeping” function of these processes is provided by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). When you request a specific Website name, IANA will be involved in the transaction to make sure your, and all other internet names are truly unique.

JPEG: A Digital Image Format, consisting of compressed image data. The typical image compression is 10:1. This means that an image, when compressed will be approximately one tenth the size of the original in terms of bytes of data. This smaller file size is often convenient and appropriate for use in Web Mobile Applications.

Sitemaps: Submit a Sitemap to tell Search Engines about your site’s structure and make sure they are  aware of pages that otherwise might not be discovered. A Sitemap index file can only specify Sitemaps that are found on the same site, as the index file.
Example: can include Sitemaps on but not on or As with Sitemaps, your Sitemap index file must be UTF-8 encoded. Index File can include Sitemaps on http:/, but not on The Sitemap Index File must be UTF-8 Encoded.

WordPress: A versatile and complete website Content Management System (CMS) used by the majority of online businesses, both large and small. It allows for the use of multiple templates and plugins, which results in reduced development time and costs. The WP Platform is open source, and based on the PHP programming language, and the MySQL database. It is the foundation of the Wealthy Affiliate Suite of programs.

SiteRubix: A Unique WordPress Platform offered by Wealthy Affiliate Webhosting that provides you with support, training and tools allowing you to quickly, easily, and securely create your own personal Website at reasonable cost.