Build Your Own Website with Adequate Support

September 19, 2018 0 By admin

The Time has Come – Build Your Own Website

At some point or another, we may find that for personal or business purposes it seems that now might be the time to build your own website in order to share our skills and hobbies, or perhaps start a small business venture. A website can be the solution to a number of personal or business marketing goals. Some reasons to build your own website are:

1. Turn an great Idea you have into a website

2. Sell Services or Products to a wider customer base.

3. Publish your personal  or business Blog or develop Content of some kind.

4. Promote a Project you are working on or possibly an an Event.

5. Showcase some of Your Work or perhaps your Design capabilities.

One way to begin the process is by looking at some existing websites, that reflect, in a way, your own expectations of what you want your website to look and feel like.
Once you have an idea of the style, look and feel these websites, you can begin investigating the tools available , methods needed, and possible assistance that you will need to effect the development of your own site. This will lead you to the conclusion that you can either build your own website, or engage a  design firm to  do the whole job, or assist you.

Building Your Own Website on the Cheap

After seeking bids and quotes from design firm for your proposed website, perhaps checking with your friends and associates, you may have come to the conclusion that a professionally drafted, programmed and designed Website would be  very nice, but engaging web professionals may not be practical given your existing budget. Depending on the complexity, a website development project can often be very expensive, resulting in the expenditure of many hundreds, if not  tens of thousands of dollars for more complicated sites.  Let’s assume that a turnkey approach is not your cup of tea.  We’ll take a look  at some alternatives that you can take advantage of to build your own Website at a considerably lower cost.  The trade-off will of course result in you, or your staff doing  much more of the development work yourself.  If you decide to take on this self-training approach, you can learn how to develop your own Website.  Try to look for a system that provides adequate learning tools, a cooperative framework, and one which allows you to obtain  some help and assistance, as needed in the process.

 Resources Available as You Learn to Build Your Own Website

As you move forward, you will typically need to evaluate a  comprehensive  ” Website Builder Program”.  A host of software companies have realized that there are entrepreneurial individuals who prefer, for a variety of reasons,  to  participate in the development of their  own Websites. These individuals realize that  by taking this approach they will be able to save a considerable amount of  money, and add their own creative inputs and skills into the development process.  The following list of companies are in our opinion all viable choices for pursuing the development of a personal or company Website. They are listed in alphabetical order:

iPage Website Builder
GoDaddy Website Builder
Wealthy Affiliate – (WordPress Platform)

All of the above Website Builder software platforms listed  above most  certainly do the job.  But the  web development features and services they offer, vary considerably in both the annual cost, monthly cost,  and the overall cost of support.  The majority  of  all  websites, over sixty (60%) percent of those developed and published today , are built using some form, or variation, of the ubiquitous and quality WordPress software platform.  A number of companies offer, what they feel are useful modifications and enhancements to the WordPress platform.  In implementing  the basic WordPress platform, they add their own user software  experience, which sometimes makes development, in our opinion, a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The Website Programming Platform WA is the System Recommended by DeliciousWebStudio (DMS)

At DMS,  one platform and system that we consistently recommend, and have extensive experience with, is a website development platform called called Wealthy Affiliate.  We would like to explore with you some of the key and unique features of the Wealthy Affiliate platform; also what we see as some of  strong advantages they may offer to you and your organization, as you begin to develop and build your own website.

Build Your Own Website –  A Viable Way to Go

In our opinion, no matter what some may say, Website development is definitely NOT a simple process; but it need not be overwhelming ether. Using the proper framework, development program, and  some timely and available assistance, a quality Website, or Websites, can be developed in reasonable time, and with limited cash outlay. The key factors in our opinion, are a properly  structured training program,  which encompasses adequate technical education, combined with a quality platform including community support.  In addition it should incorporate an enhanced  system based upon the well known, established and very commercially successful such as the WordPress Platform. Build Your Own Website and Prosper!